About Us

As a small business, we put a strong emphasis on attention to detail and the ability to provide a personal touch that we're proud of. We love creating designs that offer a little quirkiness with loads of charm.

Our aim: invitations that create memories, teacher supplies that add a playful twist, and holiday stationery that sprinkles a little extra magic into each season.

Our little stationery business began as a small spark of an idea shared between a husband-and-wife team, 10 years ago.

We started in the tiniest corner of our home, armed with a bunch of ideas, a love for design, and an excitement to create something new.

After plenty of brainstorming, over endless cups of coffee... Bit by bit and design by design, our business is where it is today.

Our days are now spent creating stationery designs that are a bit more personal than you'll find in the big box stores.

A bit more 'us', and we hope, a bit more 'you' too.

Our graphics are hand designed and made with your next special moment in mind!

We love to hear from our customers - so feel free to reach out to us at hello@madisonandhill.com.

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